Kottu Roti (Sri Lankan)

In an endeavor to veer off the norm of bread and rice as a staple, I made a thing. Which actually does have bread as a staple, but it fools you in an unexpected bout of creativity. Now my laziness ingenuity made me use frozen paratha instead of making my own proper godamba roti like... Continue Reading →

Aduku Roti

Alright, Fizzles, tuck in your (ironed) shirts, polish your shoes, prepare 10 cups of Dilmah milk tea (don't forget the saucers), watch the 1996 cricket world cup on repeat, be very late to every appointment, and make sure you're stocked up on kothamalli ... because it's SRI LANKAN RECIPE TIME! This one's a personal favorite... Continue Reading →

Sri Lankan Watalappan

NAMO NAMo NAmo Namo…* Y’all know how it goes. So under Mama Fizzle’s guiding gaze I have taken one step further in my Sri Lankan education and behold: Watalappan. Try it, it’s fun to say. Coconut and kaju, there’s really every reason for me to not like this but of course, it must be my... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Biscuit Pudding 2.0

As another edition in swiftly-producable-desserts for the busy alooheads out there, here is the lazy solo version of our Sri Lankan pride (Or find the authentic version all the way over here, as described by SFizzle). One thing to understand about Sri Lankan recipes is that they favour a specific kind of crumbly substance; it... Continue Reading →

Sri Lankan Date Cake

There are moments in life (emphasis on the fleeting nature of 'moments') when I feel sudden bursts of patriotism. Every once in a while, this patriotism is directed at the motherland, more specifically, that cute little teardrop island on the world map. Here are some examples of not those moments: Trying to draw the same... Continue Reading →

Sri Lankan Cutlets

According to most Sri Lankans, this is probably a fake recipe. A mere lie. An impostor. An amateurish pale imitation. A pathetic rendition of the real supreme Sri Lankan Cutlet. Why? No Chili. … Anyway, so if you want such things in your life, just add chili to the onion part of the process. Then... Continue Reading →

(Sri Lankan) Chocolate Biscuit Pudding

Warning: This post has been Sri Lankan-ified. See Glossary below for translations. Do not approach this dessert if you are hungry  Bada Guini. Upon the first bite of this very easy, no-bake, unconventional traditional food, I remembered why I loved this as a kid. Upon the fifth bite, I remembered why i stopped making it.... Continue Reading →

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