More Banana Oat Muffins

Biggest of sisters, I made more muffins! These fit your ingredient requirements a little better than the last. No yoghurt for Mr Izzle and no baking soda for you. These don’t even need chocolate but as you can see I hadn’t anticipated that and melted chocolate for a topping anyway. It was appreciated by brother... Continue Reading →

Oat Dosa

I was feeling very brown yesterday so I thought I’d cook some ‘proper’ food. I’ve done the calculations, and we’re AT LEAST 3/8s Indian. I know some of you Fizzles have trouble with this whole mathematics concept (even though brown people came up with our numeral system) so I’ll break it down for you. That’s almost... Continue Reading →

(Chocolate) Chocolate Bread

If it seems like we’re eating a lot of chocolate - know that it’s to compensate for all the oat flour. That said, I recently found (kind of expensive) 100% Actual Chocolate which I am extreemely excited about. Our default baking chocolate is definitely questionable in its vegetable oil content. Now to explain my split... Continue Reading →

Banana Oat Chocolate Muffin Blends

Seeeeester Hello, I made muffins in a blender today. A blender you say? Yes yes a blender tis true. But why? The real question dear sister is wHy NOt? Also - less washing up and less transfer between bowls therefore less effort in trying not to waste residual food in the transfer process and less... Continue Reading →

Brownie Experiment

Mandatory Brownie Post!! So oldiest sister I’m addressing this to you since you are currently the only cutoff sibling. Far away. Isolated. Remote. Secluded. Solitary.* See now you’re sad so I’m going to cheer you up with CHOCOLATE. So as usual I requested requests and Brother desired chocolate and since fasting + browsing through new... Continue Reading →

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