Ramadan Chronicles: Brownies Again

DAY TWENTY NINE Tis the final day of Ramadan and so It Is Time. To get cookin. Actually I didn’t do much at all. Brownies were requested of me (to accompany us to tomorrow’s Eid gathering) and so Brownies have materialised. This was a funny looking recipe that I went all out for and used... Continue Reading →

Sri Lankan Date Cake

There are moments in life (emphasis on the fleeting nature of 'moments') when I feel sudden bursts of patriotism. Every once in a while, this patriotism is directed at the motherland, more specifically, that cute little teardrop island on the world map. Here are some examples of not those moments: Trying to draw the same... Continue Reading →

Sri Lankan Cutlets

According to most Sri Lankans, this is probably a fake recipe. A mere lie. An impostor. An amateurish pale imitation. A pathetic rendition of the real supreme Sri Lankan Cutlet. Why? No Chili. … Anyway, so if you want such things in your life, just add chili to the onion part of the process. Then... Continue Reading →

The Confused Biryani Process

Is it buryani or biryani? Sri Lankans for an inexplicable reason call it buryani. It’s the revolution of the U. So anyway, forget the name, this shouldn’t be too hard to make! All I need is to find a recipe! Maybe a couple to see if there are any varieties I can adopt. It's really... Continue Reading →

(Sri Lankan) Chocolate Biscuit Pudding

Warning: This post has been Sri Lankan-ified. See Glossary below for translations. Do not approach this dessert if you are hungry  Bada Guini. Upon the first bite of this very easy, no-bake, unconventional traditional food, I remembered why I loved this as a kid. Upon the fifth bite, I remembered why i stopped making it.... Continue Reading →

World Peace Cookies

In a Fizzle home far far away, a cutesy teen version of ShFizzle once opened our smaller Fizzle minds to the true potential of the world. With a cookie. A family favourite for a long long time, these little wonders are often present at Brother arrivals, and other festive occasions. i.e. EID And so we... Continue Reading →

Chocolatey Eid Brownies

EID MUBARAK EVERYONE! Round 2 In A Very Chocolatey Eid presents us with some Very Chocolatey Brownies. I needed to find a recipe that capitalized on the chocolate-part because my latest ingredient obsession is the darkest of dark chocolates. I’ve only recently realised that I do tend to over-commit to new ingredient discoveries. It hit... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Almond-Butter Balls

WHO’S EXCITED? Tis the eve of Eid, Mama Fizzle is walking around saying Takbir, there’s very audible neighbourhood karaoke going on outside coz it’s the Mid-Autumn Festival in a few days, we’re all fasting and hungry and the kitchen is bustling with Eid preparations. Sounds like a party to me. So, time to Eid-ify our... Continue Reading →

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