Pan Pizzas

EVERYTHING IS OK NOW. Firstly, The Sage has made much progress re-integrating into the Fizzle household. A few simple jedi-mind tricks and she is now less frequently plagued by Bafflement. She now accepts her identity as Fromage Soeur, enthusiastically particpates in family excursions, and Papa Fizzle has even started registering some of what she says.... Continue Reading →


An Ode to Bolognese by SFizzle “O Bolognese You are like a better version of noodles (interruption by me: I used penne…) …You are not noodles But you are covered in red goo Delicious red goo” Yep she's my true muse. Bolognese makes me happy. I recently discovered it works really well with baked potatoes... Continue Reading →

Kaju Fudge…or Blondies?

CRICKET WITHDRAWALS It’s not as if there’s no cricket, there’s plenty of cricket but tis not for my viewing because we don’t have a cricket channel anymore. Amla just got a fifty and I missed it. This is why we make yummy food. To distract us from not being able to see Amla batting. So,... Continue Reading →

Avocado Smoothie

It’s as good as milkshake, and it’s hardly even a recipe. In true Fizzle style this should be avocados, condensed milk and milk/water, all blended, but because I’m insanely lazy and sugar is more accessible since it’s not in a can, I went with that instead of the condensed milk. Milk quantity depends on your... Continue Reading →

Mini Oreo Cheesecake

THREE test matches on a Sunday. Ok so South Africa may have lost, and Pakistan are flailing a bit, and we’ve got 2 injured brownies in the England team, but everything is fine. Except when I took a study break (meaning a break from cricket in order to study) and I missed 3 wickets. Everything... Continue Reading →

Sri Lankan Watalappan

NAMO NAMo NAmo Namo…* Y’all know how it goes. So under Mama Fizzle’s guiding gaze I have taken one step further in my Sri Lankan education and behold: Watalappan. Try it, it’s fun to say. Coconut and kaju, there’s really every reason for me to not like this but of course, it must be my... Continue Reading →

Egg Muffins

In the House of Fizzle we call them Moo-ffins. Ok, only I call them that. But there is a very logical reason for why I do this: it sounds funny. Moo-ffins are renowned as good breakfast foods. Eggs are also renowned as good breakfast foods. Match made in heaven don’t you think? So this is... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Biscuit Pudding 2.0

As another edition in swiftly-producable-desserts for the busy alooheads out there, here is the lazy solo version of our Sri Lankan pride (Or find the authentic version all the way over here, as described by SFizzle). One thing to understand about Sri Lankan recipes is that they favour a specific kind of crumbly substance; it... Continue Reading →

Brownie Bites

It’s my off day. I have one off day. It comes around every 7 days. So I guess that means I have many off days, that simply accumulate over a larger period of time that comprises multiple days. I like off-days because it means I can do work without feeling like I have to do... Continue Reading →

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