Introducing Teens to Literature

School subjects generally distinguish first languages and second languages by only including the study of literature in the former. Which makes sense, reading in a foreign language is confusing enough without delving into another culture’s use of literary devices. But literature is so. much. fun. If you like reading that is. And if you don’t... Continue Reading →

Moist Banana Berry Something

So….   ...this was actually originally my attempt to make brownies without a recipe: Now wait - I know what you’re thinking. Well first let me explain the whole story. I wanted to make brownies in a hurry. Which, when I accidentally used the wrong recipe, turned into a dry chocolate cake. So naturally, my... Continue Reading →

Bookmarks with Ears!

Hypothesis: Reading doubles in fun simply by having a cool bookmark. Plan of Action: To test hypothesis on my many minions Today was step #1. LOOK AT THESE CUTIES. I’ve been advised to ideate for all my Art lessons by browsing pinterest, so that’s what I do now…I found many cool examples of these bookmarks,... Continue Reading →

Brisbane Adventures: Part 2

It has been one week since the Brother and I have returned from a true Fizzle holiday. A couple tourist-y things (literally 2). Much kitchen-ing. Even more eating. A lot of chilling. Many naps. Some anime... Here is a list of our kitchen achievements with SFizzle (the few that we remembered to take pictures of):... Continue Reading →

Brisbane Adventures: Part 1

We are in the midst of our latest 3-Fizzle reunion. The Brother and I have journeyed Down Under (in the middle of term-time!) in an uncharacteristically spontaneous fashion. Basically one month ago I said hey why don’t we just leave for a while. And then he said yeah ok. And then we bought tickets to... Continue Reading →

Sleepy Babies

My babies. Aren’t they beeaauutiful? They like to nap together…though these are all kind of old pictures (but only relative to their baby lives). They are now 1 year and 4 months old. And the pictures are from when they were just 7/8 months old. I have a scarily precise virtual filing system for them.... Continue Reading →

Return of the Fizzles

519 days later and WE’RE BACK. Fizzles, we had resigned ourselves to witnessing the slow end of our food sharings as we have become four busy busy Fizzles. But no siree. We are too cool to be too busy. So we’re returning with food AND everything else that we like. (A fairly straightforward way of... Continue Reading →

Apple Caramel Pavlova

Today is Mama Fizzle day. Mama Fizzle has a strange obsession with pavlova. Because she likes meringue but also I think it’s because she likes the ballerina story. Anyway, I tried. My proportions were really not worth remembering so I will spare you those details. The rest is great you should try it. Part 1:... Continue Reading →

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