Brisbane Adventures: Part 2

It has been one week since the Brother and I have returned from a true Fizzle holiday. A couple tourist-y things (literally 2). Much kitchen-ing. Even more eating. A lot of chilling. Many naps. Some anime... Here is a list of our kitchen achievements with SFizzle (the few that we remembered to take pictures of):... Continue Reading →

Brisbane Adventures: Part 1

We are in the midst of our latest 3-Fizzle reunion. The Brother and I have journeyed Down Under (in the middle of term-time!) in an uncharacteristically spontaneous fashion. Basically one month ago I said hey why don’t we just leave for a while. And then he said yeah ok. And then we bought tickets to... Continue Reading →

Tangier, Morocco

Alhamdulillah we are here in Tangier, Morocco. It is a different world over here. A gentle initiation into non-big-city-dwelling. We arrived here a week before Eid-ul-Adha,  or as they call it here l'Aid-el-Kabeer. Little did we know that this is the biggest holiday in Morocco, the only time of the year when all the shops... Continue Reading →

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