Frozen Cubes: Curry paste

Part 3 of my Frozen Cubes Series. Also check out: Tomato Paste Cubes and Avocado Cubes Frozen Curry cubes! This can save you so much time and effort. Seriously. Maybe smart people already do this, but I discovered it by accident. I was actually supposed to be making chicken and vegetable Biryani. I started with... Continue Reading →

Dips, Dips, Dips!

I think I've discovered a new way of life: Dips. It all started when I needed to make a quick meal, and I knew we had bread. And sour cream. Hence, a Honey Mustard Dip: Mustard sauce, Honey, Sour Cream (or yogurt), fry (well) some onion for flavour with my epic garlic paste and salt! Mr. Skeptical-pants... Continue Reading →

Garlic and Basil Mashed Potato

You know that moment when you’re hungry and you’re thinking: Now today I had a plan, the plan was not mashed potato. It was sautéed potato. I realised half way through the sauté-ing process that I really should have boiled them first. So I boiled them. By the time I remembered to check on them,... Continue Reading →

Cheesy Béchamel Lasagne

So the other day I remembered that I really, really, really liked Basil and Cheese. There are many things one can put Basil and Cheese in; the fridge, the cupboard, food. Having already achieved the first two in a mere minute, I decided to attempt the latter; partly for completion and partly because the main... Continue Reading →

Cheesy Baked Broccoli

Consider these propositions: You have broccoli in your fridge that needs to be used You do not like/want to be wasting precious and healthy broccoli stalks You have been instructed/requested not to overcook broccoli You are craving something cheesy/white sauce-y What would you do? What would any of you do? Well, this is what I... Continue Reading →

(S)Mashed Potato with Tomato Sauce

When brother is home I use him expect his dependability in very specific roles: Pest exterminator, lighstaber duel opponent, tv watching companion, family debate neutraliser, and of course, potato masher. Practically born a geologist, his attention to detail ensures beyond satisfactory levels of potato mashed-ness. And so before he deserts me to his northern home... Continue Reading →

Mint Chutney

This is a recipe adapted from Singapore Food by Wendy Hutton. I highly highly recommend this book. I know what you will say to me, youngest of sisters.  Well despite that, or perhaps because of it, the recipes in it that I have tried so far have come out really well alhamdulillah. Just so you... Continue Reading →

Potato Mice

Here we have a mouse.  Not any kind of mouse,  a jacket potato mouse inspired by a recipe in an Annabel Karmel cookbook. We roasted some potatoes after generously painting the potato with olive oil-there were some very enthusiastic painters. We could have used our hands I guess, but we have a pink food brush... Continue Reading →

Cheesy Baked Spinach

I decided to conduct my very own health check today, and I diagnosed myself with a cheese deficiency. I had to act quickly to prevent serious health risks. I found this on Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice, and swiftly sought to correct my nutrition imbalance. If you ever find yourself in my situation, follow these instructions: Without... Continue Reading →

Yoghurty-Cumin Baked Potato

Probably the first of many baked potato variations to enter our blog. This particular version had the good fortune to witness a rather entertaining session of Pakistan batting and England dropping catches (three and counting). This was a bit of an improvised spin on SFizzles classic cumin-baked-potato recipe. I decided it needed a topping. Also... Continue Reading →

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