Making Bread Easier

Making bread easier...well for me anyway. Though of you who view bread-making as a piece of cake, well, go EAT CAKE, OK!!? I don’t like it. I don’t like making bread. It’s all that kneading… Then by the end, you’re just like this, exhausted but still kneading: It’s just…’d think flat bread doesn’t make... Continue Reading →

Egg Muffins

In the House of Fizzle we call them Moo-ffins. Ok, only I call them that. But there is a very logical reason for why I do this: it sounds funny. Moo-ffins are renowned as good breakfast foods. Eggs are also renowned as good breakfast foods. Match made in heaven don’t you think? So this is... Continue Reading →

Frozen Cubes: Curry paste

Part 3 of my Frozen Cubes Series. Also check out: Tomato Paste Cubes and Avocado Cubes Frozen Curry cubes! This can save you so much time and effort. Seriously. Maybe smart people already do this, but I discovered it by accident. I was actually supposed to be making chicken and vegetable Biryani. I started with... Continue Reading →

Frozen Cubes: Avocado

The Ice cube chronicles, part 2.. I explained in 'part one', the tomato paste version, my discoveries of the freezer and my exploration of what it is truly capable of. You know avocados? They’re beautiful things that make pretty pretty foods, with awesome texture. You can make Ice cream, Strawberry Mousse, Chocolate Mousse, brownies, sandwiches… Basically,... Continue Reading →

Frozen Cubes: Tomato Paste

I need to tell you something. Something that might just alter the fabric of time and space. There’s this thing we have in the depths of our Kitchen. It is a magical place. You open the door, and it leads you to a frozen land where time is altered, and keeps things young and fresh.... Continue Reading →

Chicken Tikka

There’s something about food on sticks. The sticks really aren’t necessary, but they’re exciting. Speaking of exciting things, I’m very easily excited by all things cricket. (In case you haven’t noticed) And I don’t like being mocked for it. So I’m grumpy at the Sister Down Under (yeah I’m looking at you aloo head) for... Continue Reading →

Salmon and Mushroom Quiche

After many a day of consuming large amounts of cereal and scrambled egg and eating out, I finally felt bad enough about my eating habits to cook. So the next day I went off to the store and bought raspberries (rasp-berries?!!). These were critical in the process of snacking while I made Quiche. It all... Continue Reading →

Dips, Dips, Dips!

I think I've discovered a new way of life: Dips. It all started when I needed to make a quick meal, and I knew we had bread. And sour cream. Hence, a Honey Mustard Dip: Mustard sauce, Honey, Sour Cream (or yogurt), fry (well) some onion for flavour with my epic garlic paste and salt! Mr. Skeptical-pants... Continue Reading →

Garlic and Basil Mashed Potato

You know that moment when you’re hungry and you’re thinking: Now today I had a plan, the plan was not mashed potato. It was sautéed potato. I realised half way through the sauté-ing process that I really should have boiled them first. So I boiled them. By the time I remembered to check on them,... Continue Reading →

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