Ramadan Chronicles: Cookie Butter

Is that a cookie? YES. Well, it used to be. You see, I needed cookies, so I made cookies, and then I ate cookies. But…there were too many cookies. *gasps* Too many cookies? You jest! Alas, tis the truth. It seems being the lone cookie consumer in a fasting household is a greater responsibility than... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Chronicles: Banana Bread-Cake

WHO WANTS TO PLAY SOME SNAIL CRICKET! Look what Google Doodles did. I got bowled at 16. 😞 It’s ok, my baking is far better than my batting. And I made bread. Well, cake. But if it’s breakfast we’ll still call it bread. It did require some consultation: I even wrote down proportions this time:... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Chronicles: Cookie Bars

RAMADAN MUBARAK you little potatoes.* Look at us four fizzles, dispersed even in Ramadan. Tragic. It’s ok, I’m mentally in Southampton right now, which is close enough to you two UK bananas. Speaking of cricket, who’s excited for the champions trophy? I am I am. But that’s not for a week so for now I’m... Continue Reading →

A Strawberry Birthday

On birthdays our only rule is Food, and our only food rule is Yummy Food. As SFizzle continues to grow in years and of course, Wisdom, I feel it my personal obligation to help her grow in size. Last year I set the bar problematically high. ^ This cake remains my biggest achievement in life.... Continue Reading →

Lemon Meringue Pie

SFizzle’s visit to Headquarters has begun. She has returned from Down Under fully equipped to prove MamaFizzle’s theory foolproof; marriage truly does transform one through a newfound wealth of wisdom. It is true, SFizzle is SFizzle no longer, she is The Sage. I admit this was wholly unexpected for me, there I was, thinking I would... Continue Reading →

Behold: Smoothie

Do not underestimate THE POWER of the Smoothie. Me making smoothie: Smoothie context: Date syrup, coconut milk, nut butter, yogurt, frozen mixed berries, banana and of course, H2O Also optional, chia seeds, milk, and probably other (edible) things and fruits I haven't thought of...YET STEP 1:   STEP 2:   STEP 3:   Bonus GIF:  ... Continue Reading →

Kaju Fudge…or Blondies?

CRICKET WITHDRAWALS It’s not as if there’s no cricket, there’s plenty of cricket but tis not for my viewing because we don’t have a cricket channel anymore. Amla just got a fifty and I missed it. This is why we make yummy food. To distract us from not being able to see Amla batting. So,... Continue Reading →

Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon. Swiiirrlyyy Cinnamon. Now I’m a big cinnamon fan but recipes for cinnamon rolls have always looked intimidatingly time-consuming for me, until I found this on All Recipes. The claim was 90 minutes and I’m sure I took longer but the point is that it could have taken me 90 minutes. Very exciting stuff. For... Continue Reading →

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