Trusty Chocolate Chip Cookies

Everyone needs a good chocolate chip cookie recipe. This one has a stamp of approval a la Fizzle, with zero attempts to be particularly healthy (so just not shFizzle) ...a cookie that’s a bit crisp on the outside, but soft, a little crumbly but almost melty on the inside with literal melted sweet chocolate… Ahem.... Continue Reading →

Cookie Tart Trials

I asked brother for interesting cookie suggestions, and much to my surprise, he had a suggestion! Although this didn’t work as well as I had hoped. Fortunately it was a technical flaw as opposed to a taste concern, so it was still gobbled at a reasonably rapid rate. The photo is also quite misleading. This... Continue Reading →

The Chewiest Chocolate Chip Cookies

A certain big brother has returned home from a lengthy voyage in the motherland. In an attempt to compensate for weeks of chilli-fied everything, I made cookies. For years and years and years I have endeavoured to make proper chewy chocolate chip cookies, failing repeatedly. This time, I took an entirely new, gluten-free, direction. These... Continue Reading →

Banana Snickerdoodles

I was still feeling cinnamon-y but also banana-inspired. And so banana snickerdoodles were discovered. These are actually super unhealthy and feel strangely like eating Pisang Goreng* which is delicious but again, not particularly good for you. I found it on Spoon University and it had a few weird instructions, like 1 tbs of baking powder and... Continue Reading →

Snickerdoodle Blends

Cinnamon friends! Welcome. My vegan friend has resurfaced so I’m leaping at the opportunity to make food for someone while I don’t have my Fizzles around. I mean ok, parent Fizzles and Grandmother are here but um you know. Mama Fizzle has even told me she likes my posts more than my food. So yeah,... Continue Reading →

Hazelnut Cookies and a Double Century

So 200 runs later, you could say things are going pretty well. 😄 Before I go into the details about just how fantabulous this match has been, let’s talk about food. No proper recipe for you guys today, just sharing a pickle I found myself in. Yesterday I tried to make myself some good ol’ nutella.... Continue Reading →

Oaty Chocolate Chip Cookies

Oaty as opposed to just ‘oat’ because I just replaced the flour with oat flour 😁  as you do.  My last cookie recipe was not particularly healthy so I thought this was necessary, and these just so happen to also be eggless. That was not intentional. I actually didn’t initially find these bloggable but Papa... Continue Reading →

Eggless Chocolate Chip Cookies

So we ran out of eggs. We had almost 30 the morning before Eid and by Eid we had none. Mama Fizzle couldn’t make watalappan (I had to google that. Been saying that word my whole life and for the first time ever I know how to spell it) and she was quite appalled at... Continue Reading →

Strawberry White Chocolate Cookies

Dear Diary, Today I want to tell you about my Very Very Strange Day. It was Very Very Strange because I found Strawberry Oat White Chocolate Chip Cookies in the kitchen. I ate a lot  of them and they were Very Delicious, but they were also relatively healthy (only the white chocolate was unhealthy...) so I was very... Continue Reading →

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