Ramadan Chronicles: Lemon Cookie Cakes

IT'S DAY TWENTY EIGHT so the perrrfect time to start our Ramadan Chronicles for this year don't you think? I haven't been baking this entire time. Just haven't. You know what else I haven't been doing in a while...WATCHING CRICKET! And I mean for like the past two years. TIME TO PROBLEM-SOLVE World Cup 2019 is... Continue Reading →

Cookie Dough Balls

It’s somebody’s birthday today. But she’s super old now so we won’t talk about it. Also, who doesn’t love cookie dough? Don’t answer that. So I made tons of cookies last week but mostly because I wanted to snack on cookie dough during the production process so this week I did the smart thing and... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Chronicles: Cookie Butter

Is that a cookie? YES. Well, it used to be. You see, I needed cookies, so I made cookies, and then I ate cookies. But…there were too many cookies. *gasps* Too many cookies? You jest! Alas, tis the truth. It seems being the lone cookie consumer in a fasting household is a greater responsibility than... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Chronicles: Cookie Bars

RAMADAN MUBARAK you little potatoes.* Look at us four fizzles, dispersed even in Ramadan. Tragic. It’s ok, I’m mentally in Southampton right now, which is close enough to you two UK bananas. Speaking of cricket, who’s excited for the champions trophy? I am I am. But that’s not for a week so for now I’m... Continue Reading →

Brownie Bites

It’s my off day. I have one off day. It comes around every 7 days. So I guess that means I have many off days, that simply accumulate over a larger period of time that comprises multiple days. I like off-days because it means I can do work without feeling like I have to do... Continue Reading →

1 Minute Cookie Pancake

It looks like minimal effort snacks have become a lifestyle for me because children are EXHAUSTING. I couldn’t even stay awake for New Zealand’s win over India. I tried, I really did. All I had to do was wait 3 more wickets…but I suppose if I had then I’d have had to face the daily... Continue Reading →

Fudgy Chocolate Avocado Cookies

In the 20 minutes this took me to make, 2 wickets fell. (England were batting, so we can all be happy about this.) Now, children (This is my Teacher Voice) what is the only thing that can truly complement cricket? Anyone? Yes small person, that is right, CHOCOLATE. I dug through my stand-by recipes and... Continue Reading →

Apple Cookies

I love cinnamon. And I like apples. The problem is, I don’t really understand apples without cinnamon. What’s the point of it, why do it to yourself, why deprive yourself? These cookies turned out to be 100% Parent friendly. I know this because Papa Fizzle ate more than a mouthful, and Mama Fizzle - in... Continue Reading →

World Peace Cookies

In a Fizzle home far far away, a cutesy teen version of ShFizzle once opened our smaller Fizzle minds to the true potential of the world. With a cookie. A family favourite for a long long time, these little wonders are often present at Brother arrivals, and other festive occasions. i.e. EID And so we... Continue Reading →

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