(Hershey’s) Chocolate Pie

HELLO I have a problem. It’s a Burger King problem, because fast food = bad but Burger King lures me in with Pi. Hershey’s Sundae Pie. It’s like a dream but sadder because you know it’s going to end. So this Hershey’s Pie has caused many a conundrum for me, and of course the best... Continue Reading →

Mini Oreo Cheesecake

THREE test matches on a Sunday. Ok so South Africa may have lost, and Pakistan are flailing a bit, and we’ve got 2 injured brownies in the England team, but everything is fine. Except when I took a study break (meaning a break from cricket in order to study) and I missed 3 wickets. Everything... Continue Reading →

Chuti Chocolate Cheesecake

Note: Chuti = Small (in the Motherland) There’s nothing quite like a Midnight snack at 10pm in preparation for a Midnight movie at 11pm, don’t you think? Due to it being Midnight and all, best if the snack is teensy and easily preppable. And so with a spoonful of melted dark chocolate, a spoonful of... Continue Reading →

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