White Chocolate Chip Brownies

Brownie Post #10. So I made this last week, following the miserable series of South Africa in England. The only consolation was that the one English brownie on the side got lots of extra medals. Still. England…you know? Happy baking was called for. Standard brownies didn’t seem dramatic enough, and also we had some white... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Chronicles: Brownies Again

DAY TWENTY NINE Tis the final day of Ramadan and so It Is Time. To get cookin. Actually I didn’t do much at all. Brownies were requested of me (to accompany us to tomorrow’s Eid gathering) and so Brownies have materialised. This was a funny looking recipe that I went all out for and used... Continue Reading →

Flourless Brownies

Hello hello hello, tis time for a new brownie post, amiright? But first, life update: Malaysia is full of food and so this is us at the new Fizzle HQ all the time. It’s not a problem yet but I expect it will be soon. So as a preemptive measure, I have found my way... Continue Reading →

Brownie Bites

It’s my off day. I have one off day. It comes around every 7 days. So I guess that means I have many off days, that simply accumulate over a larger period of time that comprises multiple days. I like off-days because it means I can do work without feeling like I have to do... Continue Reading →

Avocado Brownies

My most recent epiphany in life is that avocados belong with chocolate. They make such good chocolate mousse that it was a tough call to try something new with them but here I am a few hours later with super dense and fudgy brownies – which I alone am present to appreciate. The Parents are... Continue Reading →

Chocolatey Eid Brownies

EID MUBARAK EVERYONE! Round 2 In A Very Chocolatey Eid presents us with some Very Chocolatey Brownies. I needed to find a recipe that capitalized on the chocolate-part because my latest ingredient obsession is the darkest of dark chocolates. I’ve only recently realised that I do tend to over-commit to new ingredient discoveries. It hit... Continue Reading →

Zucchini Brownies (Secretly Fudge)

It has been a sad sad one-day series for Pakistan. But it’s ok, we can move on, and keep eating. And remain optimistic for this last match that isn’t over yet but is not looking good. While we’re being optimistic, let’s discuss the Exciting Things I Have Learnt This Week: Zucchini = Courgette. Courgette =... Continue Reading →

(Accidental) Extra Chewy Brownies

Barely 2 months of blogging and we’re on brownie post #3. Look at us. So much brown-ness. These actually got particularly brown. Teensy bit overdone, which is a brownie mistake I have not made in a long long time due to my immense brownie experience. However, my serious baking breakthrough with these cookies inspired me... Continue Reading →

Fudgy Brownies

Gluahfxg Aghhhfvjkk Helocananibodihierme Hellohowdoesthiswork IamnotSFizzle I am not SFizzle I took her computer machine. I am learning to use it. You see, I am a saucepan. Here, I'll show you (I took a Selfie) Today, SFizzle used me. I am here to complain, because SFizzle has objectified me (ie. treated me like an object) First,... Continue Reading →

Brownie Experiment

Mandatory Brownie Post!! So oldiest sister I’m addressing this to you since you are currently the only cutoff sibling. Far away. Isolated. Remote. Secluded. Solitary.* See now you’re sad so I’m going to cheer you up with CHOCOLATE. So as usual I requested requests and Brother desired chocolate and since fasting + browsing through new... Continue Reading →

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