Tangier, Morocco

Alhamdulillah we are here in Tangier, Morocco. It is a different world over here. A gentle initiation into non-big-city-dwelling. We arrived here a week before Eid-ul-Adha,  or as they call it here l'Aid-el-Kabeer. Little did we know that this is the biggest holiday in Morocco, the only time of the year when all the shops... Continue Reading →

Almond Cupcakes

I have made these so many times now. Since we avoid wheat as much as possible,  I haven't made a nice plain sponge cake for way too long. Here is the solution to the problem. We've had it on it's own,  we've had it with custard and strawberries* and we've had it in some sort... Continue Reading →

Mint Chutney

This is a recipe adapted from Singapore Food by Wendy Hutton. I highly highly recommend this book. I know what you will say to me, youngest of sisters.  Well despite that, or perhaps because of it, the recipes in it that I have tried so far have come out really well alhamdulillah. Just so you... Continue Reading →

Potato Mice

Here we have a mouse.  Not any kind of mouse,  a jacket potato mouse inspired by a recipe in an Annabel Karmel cookbook. We roasted some potatoes after generously painting the potato with olive oil-there were some very enthusiastic painters. We could have used our hands I guess, but we have a pink food brush... Continue Reading →

Tuna salad

Following the advice of SFizzle,  here is a salad that can really have anything and tuna in it. The one we made had tuna,  lots of sweetcorn (very popular around here), tomatoes,  cucumber, lettuce,  olive oil, apple cider vinegar, salt,  pepper and smoked paprika. For more adventurous palates,  I add very finely chopped onions,  lentils,... Continue Reading →

Chilli sauce

I love chilli sauce. A meal with chilli sauce is always extra yummy. However, most sauces have unexpectedly large proportions of sugar or msg or other unnecessary additives. I recently made chicken rice and I really really wanted the chicken rice chilli sauce. I found this. And then the chicken rice, which was actually just rice... Continue Reading →

Slow Roasted Lamb Shoulder

I've been looking for way to cook lamb shoulder on the bone in the oven for a little while. I finally found it. It is a somali recipe for goat meat that I found on The Somali Kitchen. It's so simple and the meat is tender and moist and falls of the bone. I enlisted the... Continue Reading →

Barley bread

It all started with terrible gut problems and a desperate search for gut friendly foods. And then I stumbled upon barley. I did a lot of experimenting before I finally ended up with this recipe. It was a long hard process, involving occasional production of bread that had rocklike properties. (I am sure Bfizzle would not agree with such... Continue Reading →

This Oat Craze

I feel directly responsible for causing the creation of an oat pide. I think the oatiness has gone out of hand. I apologise for starting it all. In order to contribute though,  here is our go-to oat breakfast. The recipe is flexible,  depending on one's mood  and availability of ingredients. I find that I am... Continue Reading →


While you bake lovely things to feed the Fizzles,  I bake bread and cook peas. Barley bread instructions coming up soon after Ramadan inshaaAllah. This is all Izzlet#2 wanted for dinner. And water with a straw. I think you can imagine my face right now. The other Izzlet and I made fish pie. It came... Continue Reading →

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