Moist Banana Berry Something

So….   ...this was actually originally my attempt to make brownies without a recipe: Now wait - I know what you’re thinking. Well first let me explain the whole story. I wanted to make brownies in a hurry. Which, when I accidentally used the wrong recipe, turned into a dry chocolate cake. So naturally, my... Continue Reading →

Smoked Salmon Mushroom Pasta @ The FizzleHQ

I am quite alarmed and aggrieved. I have discovered that in my absence from the Fizzle HQ, it has descended into chaos and pandemonium. A veritable amalgamation of disturbing happenings, unwise behavior and sinister patterns. I have discovered that now, AFizzle cleans the bathroom with enthusiasm. I am Truly Baffled. I will attempt to rectify... Continue Reading →

Behold: Smoothie

Do not underestimate THE POWER of the Smoothie. Me making smoothie: Smoothie context: Date syrup, coconut milk, nut butter, yogurt, frozen mixed berries, banana and of course, H2O Also optional, chia seeds, milk, and probably other (edible) things and fruits I haven't thought of...YET STEP 1:   STEP 2:   STEP 3:   Bonus GIF:  ... Continue Reading →

Sweet Potato with Chicken

I wanted a self-explanatory title, okay? The Sweet Potatoes living in the fridge were many. And there was only so much Sweet Potato soup one can put in one’s belly before one’s belly becomes a sweet potato. And that would just mess with one’s digestive system. So Mr. Kizzle requested sweet potato with chicken. So... Continue Reading →

Aduku Roti

Alright, Fizzles, tuck in your (ironed) shirts, polish your shoes, prepare 10 cups of Dilmah milk tea (don't forget the saucers), watch the 1996 cricket world cup on repeat, be very late to every appointment, and make sure you're stocked up on kothamalli ... because it's SRI LANKAN RECIPE TIME! This one's a personal favorite... Continue Reading →

Gulab Jamum-Inspired Cake

OK, Fellow Fizzles, you know I enjoy a good Gulab Jamum now and then. Except that it breaks all the food rules. All of them. Health rules AND my cooking rules. Health wise, these are deep fried heart attacks soaked in a bed of diabetic inducing sugar. More importantly, It defies MY ultimate personal cooking... Continue Reading →

Making Bread Easier

Making bread easier...well for me anyway. Though of you who view bread-making as a piece of cake, well, go EAT CAKE, OK!!? I don’t like it. I don’t like making bread. It’s all that kneading… Then by the end, you’re just like this, exhausted but still kneading: It’s just…’d think flat bread doesn’t make... Continue Reading →

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