Since I made a second quiche post, it was only appropriate that I make another on lasagne. This was all made possible by the fact that I discovered fresh basil at the store. I was surprised by this but then some googling suggested basil was native to this part of the world anyway. The quantities... Continue Reading →

Ramadan Chronicles: Quiche

Hello it's quiche again. Been a while, hasn't it? So I'm all done and back in Malaysia with the smallest Fizzle (That is to say, AFizzle); and the Fizzle parents. It's about 10°K hotter than I am used to and people were bugging me about blogging inactivity (Me? Never). So I thought I might as... Continue Reading →

Salmon and Mushroom Quiche

After many a day of consuming large amounts of cereal and scrambled egg and eating out, I finally felt bad enough about my eating habits to cook. So the next day I went off to the store and bought raspberries (rasp-berries?!!). These were critical in the process of snacking while I made Quiche. It all... Continue Reading →

Cheesy Béchamel Lasagne

So the other day I remembered that I really, really, really liked Basil and Cheese. There are many things one can put Basil and Cheese in; the fridge, the cupboard, food. Having already achieved the first two in a mere minute, I decided to attempt the latter; partly for completion and partly because the main... Continue Reading →


So I had recently returned from a long trip, to find little AFizzle's nutella was still around! An entire two day cycle had passed since its making and she had yet to eat all of it. In an attempt to remedy this uncharacteristic behaviour, I decided (and was pushed slightly) to post about these before... Continue Reading →

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