About Us

4 Siblings spread out across the globe, as observed by SFizzle

ShFizzle resides in the city of London but she doesn’t live with the queen. She is the queen. Obviously. She likes healthy eating, has great experience and wisdom in child rearing and schooling endeavors, being a MamaFizzle of 3 herself, and has perfected the expression of an exasperated but endlessly skilled mother.

MBFizzle, residing in Malaysia, is a rockstar scientist. He enjoys rocks geology. It is actually a lot more exciting than it sounds. But in school, as a Maths teacher, he is basically regarded as an actual rock star. I can’t imagine many Maths teachers around the world are more beloved.

AFizzle is, make no mistake, the hungriest of us all. Remember Pipin asking Aragorn about second breakfast? Exactly. She enjoys being bossy taking on the responsibility of leadership roles. She teaches and works closely alongside above** MBFizzle in Malaysia and frequently, they are referred to as a single entity.

SFizzle (Moi) lives Down Under with koalas and is easily confused. In fact, she doesn’t really know what to write about herself, so can AFizzle please help out?*

*SFizzle is most commonly known by her title: The Sage. Because she is beautiful like a leaf, and is also full of wisdom. Sometimes to the point where she is baffled by her own profundity, almost to the point of disbelief.

**Correction by AFizzle

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