About Us

4 Siblings spread out across the globe, as observed by SFizzle

ShFizzle pioneered this project. Her continuous efforts to promote her campaign to impart her healthy eating habits and wisdom on her siblings seemed fruitless and unavailing for many, many (whole) months. But she tirelessly persevered. And now here we are, replacing wheat flour with oat flour, checking our sugar content, and trying to avoid excessive chocolate eating.

Thanks. Thanks a lot.

…But the food IS rather good. Oh yes, and It was also her idea to start this blog. She does have her moments of unparalleled genius.

*Resides in London, may be spotted around Morocco

MBFizzle is a rockstar scientist. He enjoys rocks geology. It is actually a lot more exciting than it sounds. His food intake as a student is surprisingly healthy considering his current status as a celebrity lowly student.

He has been cooking for himself for some time, so he likes to try out new things once in awhile. He has brought us some genius ideas, as well as come up with some mediocre ones (like chocolate pasta). Very little he makes is free of excessive cheese. He likes cheese. A lot.

*Occasionally seen in in Singapore, Sri Lanka, Scotland, and soon, Malaysia.

AFizzle is, make no mistake, the hungriest of us all. Remember Pipin asking Aragorn about second breakfast? Exactly.

Tragically, she loves Nutella, milk and cheese. She is lactose intolerant, and, after years and years of over-consumption (really), Nutella intolerant. Poor thing. She is full of contradictions and doesn’t like to make sense. She enjoys feeding people and confusing them.

*Inhabits Singapore, and soon possibly Malaysia.

SFizzle (Moi) is just an all round awesome person. She likes food very much. Probably too much. So this healthy eating business is probably good for her.

EDIT by AFizzle: SFizzle is easily confused and likes white chocolate. It is one of the few things she doesn’t forget. She forgets many other things.
Except all the things that I like to eat because she cooks for me and I am spoilt. Unfortunately she currently resides Down Under so she can’t cook for me anymore. This makes me sad, but we manage by sending each other emojis of Koalas and Unicorns.