Kottu Roti (Sri Lankan)

In an endeavor to veer off the norm of bread and rice as a staple, I made a thing. Which actually does have bread as a staple, but it fools you in an unexpected bout of creativity.

Now my laziness ingenuity made me use frozen paratha instead of making my own proper godamba roti like a proper Sri Lankan should properly do.

It’s basically fried rice but instead of adding rice, you add little bits of roti/paratha. You may extrapolate the steps from there.

Look what I did:

Now I’ll be honest, I’m not sure my execution was sound, and I do think cutting up paratha into little bits is actually a lot more troublesome than it sounds.

But I feel like it’s a cool idea. Fried rice with bread pieces instead of rice? Discuss.*

The visual packaging is so effective in it’s “staple not included” vibe that I caught Mr. Kizzle eating it in a sandwich…

I just let him be.

*That sounds like a really good essay topic. Anyone?

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