Chocolate Cream Oreo Pie

Brother and I recently ventured to Burger King, as we do pretty much any time we’re in Singapore. We basically only go for their Hershey’s Sundae Pie. Which I love enough to have attempted before (to much success I might add). See evidence here

So we go for our special pie, and lo and behold, IT HAS BEEN TAMPERED WITH. For years and years and years our beautiful Herhshey’s goodness has remained unchanged and suddenly…caramel in the base? A DISGRACE.

Also kind of harsh on the tastebuds.

And so it hit me, no more Hershey’s Pie. No more walking past Burger King and knowing that there was something perfect in there waiting for me. Sadness.


I can make it myself now so HAH Burger King, who wants to spend money on evil multinational corporations anyway? Not I.

I tried to follow my last recipe and then discovered it wasn’t even a complete recipe. So I ended up adding way too much cocoa powder though it kind of depends on how much and what type of chocolate you use. Basically I have nothing to add to the old recipe except always remember to be flexible and do what you think is best in the moment (or what you think might be second best or even third best but maybe stop there).

I made sooo much pie because I had sooo much cream:

The first was a special gift to a fellow teacher – who was the reason I had so much cream in the first place (I will not explain further). The second was for Brother and I to devour over many Fullmetal Alchemist episodes.

Chocolate Cream Oreo Pie b
Pie #2

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