The Art Cricket Ball Story

Note: None of the images you see on this post are photos. They are digitally drawn by me. AFizzle said I should clarify this information, so I blushed and humbly put this at the top of the post. Artists, after all, are by nature humble.

Many years ago, a baby AFizzle made a request of an SFizzle. “Can you draw me a cricket ball?”

“Why, yes!” SFizzle replied enthusiastically, for she loved digital art, “That’s a great idea, let me go start right now!”

And so she did. She looked for photos of cricket balls. She found the prettiest one and made it her reference.

But wait, how much detail should she put into it?

Of course, it had to be the prettiest cricket ball in all of history! Or else, why bother drawing it? The grass has to be pretty, and shaded just right, the cricket ball has to shine magnificently in the sunlight, you needed to feel the depth of the field and the grassy plains. You need to feel the cricket ball, you need to be THE CRICKET BALL.

What a silly SFizzle.

SFizzle tends to get hung up on detail when she digital arts, and then get demotivated by the amount of time it takes, and not touch the piece for a few months, only to come back and do the same thing all over again.

What could have taken her 1 hour took her…how many years? Was it 3? AFizzle will know!

The same happened to many of SFizzle artworks, so she decided NO MORE. um. She thinks. She will attempt to start from scratch, do simple quick things, RELEARN properly, as there are many digital artist tutorials online.

So she’s practicing drawing a sphere:

Already, she has gone from weird wonky looking black and white sphere-like thing, to, hey, is that a marble or something? Progress.


Reminder of how far I’ve fallen come. Three. Years.

I’m silly sometimes. Though it is very pretty if I do say so myself.

Cricket Ball

Oh, and here AFizzle, this took like an hour, you probably would have been happy with that in the first place.

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  1. YES! I AM the Cricket Ball. I feel like you might have to clarify that none of the the above are photos…coz the one that took 3 (something like that?) years looks completely like a photo.

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