Lazy Cream Cheese Cakes

Lazy food, Lazy post…

Does anyone else get too lazy for recipes? Maybe? Just a little bit?

Ok so I don’t spend enough time in the kitchen anymore but whaaaatever. Food is food whether you made it yourself or not.

I wanted a snack and I wanted a snack that we didn’t have but I didn’t know what snack I wanted that we didn’t have so I made a snack that we now have.

I melted butter with (spreadable?) cream cheese (that had been rejected by Papa Fizzle so it demanded to be an ingredient to something). Put in ¾ cup sugar because this is when I used a measuring cup and added this to the non-measured butter/cream cheese. 1 cup of flour and ½ tsp baking powder. An egg. Some vanilla. Mix mix mix.

Batter into mini cupcake holders.

Chocolate button into batter.

Spare batter? Mug and microwave and extra chocolate buttons.


Result: Contentment.

I should feel bad that I finally baked but brother’s not here, so brother don’t feel bad, these were not amazing. They were just a nice part of my day to fill the hole caused by your absence.


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