Bookmarks with Ears!

Hypothesis: Reading doubles in fun simply by having a cool bookmark.

Plan of Action: To test hypothesis on my many minions

Today was step #1.


Bookmarks with Ears a

I’ve been advised to ideate for all my Art lessons by browsing pinterest, so that’s what I do now…I found many cool examples of these bookmarks, and was guided through the process by this post.

In the end, I spent most of the day with a pencil, ruler and compass, drawing squares (in inches?!), while my kids had tons of fun. I could definitely have told them to make the squares themselves, but then they wail when it’s not 100% precise. It’s not as if mine are that accurate but whatever I make for them they accept as the epitome of perfection. It’s both validating and really really annoying a little frustrating.

But my minions kiddies are too cute so it’s all good.

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