Brisbane Adventures: Part 1

We are in the midst of our latest 3-Fizzle reunion. The Brother and I have journeyed Down Under (in the middle of term-time!) in an uncharacteristically spontaneous fashion.

Basically one month ago I said hey why don’t we just leave for a while. And then he said yeah ok. And then we bought tickets to leave in two weeks for 27 days. This is probably one of the most random things we’ve ever done.

Evidence of our gallivanting.

Brisbane1 Koala3
The only koala that looked at us…the rest were too sleepy to care
Brisbane1 Koala
Brisbane1 Koala2
Posing while asleep.
Brisbane1 Cockatoo
Not Sleepy. Definitely Plotting an Escape.
Brisbane1 Kangaroo
Brisbane1 Kangaroo2
“I sense humans”
Brisbane1 Bats
All Sleepy.
Brisbane1 Turtle
No caption can do a turtle justice 
Brisbane1 Ferry
Brisbane Ferry! Water is puuuuurrty
Brisbane1 Friendship Stone
This. This is a friendship stone. Randomly placed alongside the Brisbane River. A stone. To represent a friendship between two nations. This could make gift-giving a much easier process…
Brisbane1 Ferris Wheel

4 thoughts on “Brisbane Adventures: Part 1

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  1. i say that when people go bats (like the ones in the picture) they leave their pets at the mercy of others and leave without batting an eye…. wink, just punning punnily……


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