(Hershey’s) Chocolate Pie


I have a problem. It’s a Burger King problem, because fast food = bad but Burger King lures me in with Pi. Hershey’s Sundae Pie. It’s like a dream but sadder because you know it’s going to end. So this Hershey’s Pie has caused many a conundrum for me, and of course the best way to rise to a challenge is to eat it, and if you can’t eat it, then make something else you can eat instead. It’s a simple but effective philosophy.

I am quite the philosopher. Also, I made pie.

It was really just cream on top of cream. I was wary of this considering dairy and I are what one might call frenemies. On the bright side, this is progress from our previous relationship status as just plain old enemies. Those were dark times…

Chocolate Cream Pie - Rugrats GIF I

But like I said, we’ve both made progress…

Chocolate Cream Pie - Rugrats GIF II

SO here’s what to do-ish:

BASE: Crush biscuits in milk. Use oreos or chocolate biscuits. For my first attempt I had neither so I chocolatey-fied Marie biscuits with (surprise) chocolate, and cocoa powder. But oreos are a MUCH better idea.

LAYER #1: Every recipe I found had cream cheese which was confusing because it is quite undetectable in the original. Turns out it was undetectable in mine too so…success? So for 1 cup of whipping cream I used about 3-4 tbs of cream cheese, and 3 tbs of raw sugar, and a smidgen of vanilla. Make it all go bzzzz and then you’re done. Save a little bit for the topping.

LAYER #2: With cocoa powder, vanilla, milk and cornstarch you can make a puddingy thing in a pan. Quantities depend on how much you want and how chocolatey you want it. I melted in a massive chunk of dark chocolate. I highly advise this. And then you fold this into (semi?) whipped cream. I only used ½ cup of cream for about 1/3 cup milk and (I’m really guessing here) maybe 80g chocolate. And then you’re done with that too.

TOPPING: This part is crucial. You need to melt chocolate and drizzle it (or plonk it as I did) as a topping. It won’t be a Hershey’s Pie without it. You can also line the edges with the cream from Layer #1, and throw in some chocolate chips just for fun.


  1. Freezer: The texture actually works out, I was very surprised. It feels like ice cream cake and was strangely reminscent of Viennetta which I used to lovelovelove. However, though this might technically be what I set out to achieve, there is another option…
  2. Fridge: It’s creamy and definitely a pudding not a pie. But it’s richer and beeautiful.
Chocolate Cream Pie - Rugrats GIF III

This is from my second attempt which I gave myself lots of pretty points for:

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