Since I made a second quiche post, it was only appropriate that I make another on lasagne. This was all made possible by the fact that I discovered fresh basil at the store. I was surprised by this but then some googling suggested basil was native to this part of the world anyway.

The quantities and recipes are wide and varied and depend mostly on how many lasagne sheets are being used and what size they are and so on.

To ensure clear communication, I have listed all the ingredients with their appropriate earth quantities (approximated), producing a culinary deception level that tends to 0.

For the Bechamel sauce:

  • 0.98N of Flour
  • 0.98N of Butter
  • 10.10N of Milk*
  • Several** Basil Leaves
  • A pinch of salt***

*Milk does not have the same density as water; however, the density of water is a close approximation that remains valid when used as a measure to prepare food.

**For clarity; the definiton of ‘several’ is apparently: “More than two but not many.”

Since ‘Many’ is subjective, it is also defined here, as follows: “A large number of”.

What is large? I wondered this as well, it is apparently: “of considerable or relatively great size, extent, or capacity.”

Therefore; Several Basil Leaves could be rewritten as:

  • More than two but not of considerable or relatively great size, extent, or capacity of Basil Leaves.

***What is a pinch? Well: “to grip (something, typically someone’s flesh) tightly and sharply between finger and thumb.” – in this case, we are not pinching anyone. We are placing salt in the food. Therefore, we could rewrite “A pinch of salt” as:

  • The amount from having to grip (something, typically someone’s flesh – but in this case; salt) tightly and sharply between finger and thumb.

Anyway, following all of that and cutting and chopping (of ingredients) and so forth, things were cooked and arranged in a manner in which they could be considered a lasagne once baked. In this case it was an unspecified number of mushrooms, garlic, tomatos, minced meat and spinach.

Halfway through it looked something like this:


The kitchen, obviously. Not the Lasagne, although it does remain in the picture.

Please note: Bananas were not used in the Lasagne.

It was the usual layering of bechamel sauce, spinach and filling stuff, and fresh basil leaves, looking something like these at various stages:

Some time later it was baking at a approximately 180°C for about 10 minutes longer than it said you should on the Lasagne box.

And then it was mostly done and we ate it.

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  1. Oh dear! This was 100% trickiness. I couldn’t fathom any of the quantities. Was this some earthly geological recipe? But the taste, mmmm it was yummy. Out of this earth…. thank you


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