Ramadan Chronicles: Cookie Butter

Is that a cookie? YES. Well, it used to be.

You see, I needed cookies, so I made cookies, and then I ate cookies. But…there were too many cookies. *gasps* Too many cookies? You jest! Alas, tis the truth. It seems being the lone cookie consumer in a fasting household is a greater responsibility than expected. So I did what one should always do when faced with a challenge, I squished it.

And problem solved.

Cookie Butter - Spongebob GIF

Arm yourself with a blender, powder-ify those cookies, then add some butter and water – to your desired consistency. And besides that add whatever you like. Sugar, vanilla, cinnamon, nutmeg…just go ahead and make it more wonderful. If you want instructions from someone who knows what they’re doing then here it is on a blog with actual recipes.

But what does one do with cookie butter? Apparently it’s a spread/filling but um I would just eat it. Especially when you need cheering up. Like when India is destroying Pakistan’s bowling line-up. That’s a good time for cookie butter.

Speaking of which, could somebody please punch my optimism in the face and remind me that Pakistan was never going to win this anyway. And that I really should just go to bed.

Because I really should just go to bed.

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