Ramadan Chronicles: Banana Bread-Cake

WHO WANTS TO PLAY SOME SNAIL CRICKET! Look what Google Doodles did. I got bowled at 16. 😞

It’s ok, my baking is far better than my batting. And I made bread. Well, cake. But if it’s breakfast we’ll still call it bread. It did require some consultation:

Banana Bread-Cake - WhatsApp
SFizzle is very helpful.

I even wrote down proportions this time:

1 ½ cups flour with ¾ tsps baking soda and ½ tsp salt.

I was out of butter so mashed 2 bananas with ¼ cup coconut oil, ¼ cup sugar, 2 eggs and some milk which I forgot to measure.

I also added some melted chocolate to a chunk of batter for some pretty marbling. Because breakfasts deserve to be pretty.

Baked for 35 mins at 170C and it turned out nice and mushy dense. Ok I realise that might not sound appealing. I meant soft. Not gross mushy. Describing food is difficult. Also New Zealand is losing wickets and it’s distracting me.

Innings is becoming stressful. Going to go find a cookie.

K bye.

2 thoughts on “Ramadan Chronicles: Banana Bread-Cake

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  1. We have breakfast banana bread cake often. I like the marbling😊. Being out of butter is always a bit of a crisis here😂. Alhamdulillah for butter.

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