Ramadan Chronicles: Chocolate Peanut Butter

I don’t like peanuts. In fact I really don’t like peanuts, and I never have. But out of nowhere I suddenly keep discovering new peanut-y things that I really really like.

The world is getting too confusing.

I thought for sure that this meant I’d like peanut butter but nope. Still don’t get it. But to no one’s surprise, turns out I’ll eat anything with chocolate.

So I blended some peanuts with some chocolate. And coz it’s Ramadan I’ve decided that counts as a recipe.

In other news, cricket has been bothering me. More specifically, cricketers. I’ve decided that too much talent can be just plain annoying. It’s one thing to be an all-rounder but to bat and bowl with different hands and be all super-ambidextrous is just showing off. And it turns out that the number of players that fall into the above category far exceeds what I had anticipated. This was very upsetting. I like watching cricket but if people are going to be all comic-book-like about it then that leaves me feeling horribly mediocre. Then of course, I remembered that I’m not, and that I’m actually quite brilliant. And so began my latest venture: left-handed mehndi.

Every time I look at my fully patterned left hand, my right hand gets a little sad. But I always figured this could not be helped, and that it should just be happy being brown without the extra brown-ness. I was wrong. There is always hope for extra brown-ness.

My first left-handed attempt actually went way better than I thought it would, and I have every intention of becoming progressively more impressive at it.

Because cricketers are not allowed to be cooler than me.

Chocolate Peanut Butter - Han Solo GIF

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