Ramadan Chronicles: Cookie Bars

RAMADAN MUBARAK you little potatoes.*

Look at us four fizzles, dispersed even in Ramadan. Tragic. It’s ok, I’m mentally in Southampton right now, which is close enough to you two UK bananas. Speaking of cricket, who’s excited for the champions trophy? I am I am. But that’s not for a week so for now I’m enjoying the beard-off between England and South Africa.

Anyway, DAY ONE.

I tried cookie bars, it seemed like a cool idea because I so often mess up cookie textures. Turns out making one giant cookie instead is a sneaky way of avoiding oven timing struggles.

Now I definitely looked at some recipes before starting, and I definitely didn’t follow any of them. Optimism is key. It’s Ramadan, what could go wrong?

So…1 ½ cups flour, ¼ tsp baking soda, salt and some expensive vanilla powder you might have left in the fridge for a suspiciously long time. Brown 4tbs butter and mix with some coconut oil that I didn’t measure, or just use more butter if you happen to have not run out. I experimented with date syrup, and didn’t measure it…but mixed it with an egg then pretty much mixed everything together. And Chocolate Chips are non-negotiable. 15 mins on 180C did the trick, or less for the fine line between chewy and gooey. The key takeaway is that date syrup does not reduce your chances of a successful cookie texture. I call that a win.

Now all we need is for South Africa to stop dropping catches.

Ramadan Chronicles: Cookie Bars II

*It’s a traditional greeting ok.

3 thoughts on “Ramadan Chronicles: Cookie Bars

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  1. Give me the regular browned cookies any day. This giant cookie is as giant as Amla’s giant missed catch! And as giant as the beard offs, but not giant in taste as much as your usual giant tasting cookies.


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