A Strawberry Birthday

On birthdays our only rule is Food, and our only food rule is Yummy Food.

As SFizzle continues to grow in years and of course, Wisdom, I feel it my personal obligation to help her grow in size.

A Strawberry Birthday - Patrick GIF

Last year I set the bar problematically high.

^ This cake remains my biggest achievement in life.

Now obviously I’m perfectly capable of making an even more impressive cake, however, without a functioning oven…I don’t really know how to make cake. So I had little choice but to go in a no-bake direction. And because I’m both lazy and far too confident, I thought I’d improvise too.

Layer #1 was inspired by our Sri Lankan Chocolate Biscuit Pudding. Layer #2 was most of the ‘cake’, which btw is basically a giant dairy nightmare. Layer #3 was my attempt at some kind of strawberry sauce. Layer #4 was because I still had cream and cream cheese that was feeling left out. And don’t forget the white chocolate ganache.

A Strawberry Birthday - Layer 5
MOAR Strawberries

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