Pan Pizzas


Firstly, The Sage has made much progress re-integrating into the Fizzle household. A few simple jedi-mind tricks and she is now less frequently plagued by Bafflement.

Pan Pizzas - Yoda GIF
It works.

She now accepts her identity as Fromage Soeur, enthusiastically particpates in family excursions, and Papa Fizzle has even started registering some of what she says.

Secondly, and far more importantly, WE HAVE CRICKET. It has been a long and arduous wait but it is here and Order has been restored.

The only trouble is it’s April, so all we have to watch is the IPL – which I usually oppose on principle – but cricket withdrawals. So I’ve embraced our 3/8ths of Indian-ness and decided to jump on this particularly brown bandwagon.

So we celebrated with Pizza Hut (coz that’s how we party).

Pan Pizzas - Pizza GIF

Speaking of pizza, home-made pizza is also good. And suspiciously easy. Which is why I’m not even going to bother sharing an actual recipe mwahaha, also because I’m only really writing a post to share my cricket feelings. You don’t understand how long it’s been.

I confess I still don’t get T20s and the appeal of 4 hour cricket, but I do like how shiny they make everything. Oldest sister I can practically hear you sigh.

So, fellow cheeses, if you don’t have a cheap and accessible Pizza Hut then simply make your own pizza. Also, if your oven happens to be as old and broken as ours, fear not, pan pizza is the new, um, oven pizza. Yep.

SFizzle’s easy flatbread recipe HERE serves as the perfect crust (the recipe will make about 3 or 4 pizzas so double for maany pizzas), and toppings are easy schmeasy. Just mix lots of things together. Tomatoes, spinach, carrots, other weird vegetables, mushrooms, whatever. Keep your toppings ready and once one side of the flatbread is cooked on the pan, flip it, spread your topping, sprinkle cheese (cream cheese dollops are highly recommended) and cover the pan. The state of the cheese should be a good indication as to when the pizza is done.

It’s easy and yummy and as long as you have cricket everything will be fine AND COLOURFUL.

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