Smoked Salmon Mushroom Pasta @ The FizzleHQ

I am quite alarmed and aggrieved.

I have discovered that in my absence from the Fizzle HQ, it has descended into chaos and pandemonium. A veritable amalgamation of disturbing happenings, unwise behavior and sinister patterns.

I have discovered that now, AFizzle cleans the bathroom with enthusiasm. I am Truly Baffled. I will attempt to rectify the situation.

MamaFizzle has a new phone, and even spoke of getting rid of her 15 568 year old phone that had been breaking down for 10 786 years. I suspect either mind manipulation or some kind of impostor.

It is imperative, however, that they do not know I suspect anything, so I am continuing daily behavior as per normal. I made Smoked Salmon Mushroom Pasta.

AFizzle and PapaFizzle have developed some kind of strange rapport where they communicate through telepathy and high pitched noises (from AFizzle). Just the other day, AFizzle was collapsed somewhere, calling out for PapaFizzle, even though PapaFizzle was in another country.

I attempted to participate (to gather more information for my investigation) but PapaFizzle says my voice is pitched too low, so he does not hear me when I speak. He also declared that I am strange.

I suspect foul play.

(Because I am clearly not strange)

PapaFizzle has also developed a strange sort of wanderlust, as he takes every opportunity to get us to leave the house and eat outside, and the times when he does not succeed, he has taken to hanging around in the balcony, also trying to get everyone else to sit in the balcony. I have no explanation for such behavior. I am still gathering Intel.

AFizzle also now calls herself Cheese. In French. (Fromage) It seems she is losing her sense of reality. I am attempting to wean her out of this behavior using my Smoked Salmon Mushroom Pasta Recipe, where I boiled Pasta, stir fried Mushrooms and Smoked Salmon, Season as I wished, mixed together and then we ate it. We also liked it.

aae2177e-69bf-4e05-812a-81666ea4a907 (2)

Stand by for more information. I am attempting to investigate further just how deep this sinister plot reaches.

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