An Ode to Bolognese by SFizzle

“O Bolognese

You are like a better version of noodles

(interruption by me: I used penne…)

…You are not noodles

But you are covered in red goo

Delicious red goo”

Yep she’s my true muse.

Bolognese makes me happy. I recently discovered it works really well with baked potatoes instead of spaghetti but we were out of aloo, and incidentally, spaghetti. Had to settle for penne. But I’m not Italian so all pasta tastes the same to me. (gasp)

This is really just something else to eat while I’m not watching cricket. Which is not something everyone has been quite so sympathetic about.

Bolognese - WhatsApp

“running around”

Bolognese - Picard GIF

He scored 154 btw. 154.

So we eat.

Bolognese is eeasy.

Fry some onions and garlic. Then more things. I used some carrots and couldn’t find any other vegetables I approved of but you can really throw anything in there. Then add and cook the minced meat. Then tomatoes, we only had 2 so I needed tomato paste as well. Then lots and lots of basil and lots of oregano and some parsley and obviously salt and pepper and whatever else and then eat. Personally I can just gobble it up but pasta is good too. Also, parmesan. I know I know, I’m supposed to dictate proportions but I don’t believe there’s ever a right answer to these things so do what you will.

There’s probably an ‘authentic’ version of this recipe that I’m missing out on but this does not trouble me. I just like to eat.

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