Flourless Brownies

Hello hello hello, tis time for a new brownie post, amiright?

But first, life update:

Malaysia is full of food and so this is us at the new Fizzle HQ all the time.

Flourless Brownies - Ron GIF

It’s not a problem yet but I expect it will be soon.

So as a preemptive measure, I have found my way back to the kitchen. Our shiny new kitchen.

Our shiny new kitchen needed brownies. So I obliged.

I found a fascinating looking recipe on Homemade Mummy and this turned out beeaautifully.

I’ve never tried baking without either flour or nut butter so I was very skeptical that this would only be a pretend-brownie. You know, a chocolate cake confused about its identity, or a pudding that thinks it can be anything it wants to be if it just believes.

But it turns out real brownies are still possible to achieve due to cocoa powder being secretly multitalented. So if you haven’t already today then let’s all take a minute to  appreciate chocolate.

  • Coconut sugar is important to this because I like it very much and I say it’s important. I mean, you can use other sugar sources but not if you’re smart like me. 1 cup coconut sugar is all you need and I like to mush it in a blender first because otherwise I find it quite uncooperative. I don’t know how it appears to people of other lands but here in Malaysia Truly Asia it comes in blocks. Beautiful sugary blocks.
  • 3/4-1 cup of cocoa powder depending on how much you can handle.
  • Now I accidentally poured out 1/3 cup coconut oil instead of ¼ and compensated by using 3 eggs instead of 4. Do as you please. Also use vanilla and salt.
  • Smush everything.
  • Bake it. Mine was done in 15 minutes at 175 C but as always, know your oven and make smart decisions accordingly.
Flourless Brownies - Pan
My beautiful new baking tray which I’m VERY excited about.

When it’s done, you can try and leave it to cool or set or whatever. Or, you can not do that.

And you can eat.

Flourless Brownies - Slice

3 thoughts on “Flourless Brownies

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      1. The first time I had flowerless cake was at a birthday party. It was so delicious. I asked for the recipe. Basically-no flour- I was surprised. It reminded me of my grandmothers cakes. What a find!!! So glad you introduced the brownies. 💖 💖 💖 💖 💖 ( 5 heart to you!)

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