Sweet Potato with Chicken

I wanted a self-explanatory title, okay?

The Sweet Potatoes living in the fridge were many. And there was only so much Sweet Potato soup one can put in one’s belly before one’s belly becomes a sweet potato. And that would just mess with one’s digestive system. So Mr. Kizzle requested sweet potato with chicken.

So I found a yummy looking recipe, by Ondrej Sevcik on this cool new hip thing called The Youtube, and modified it, as I do.

Peel and cut up a couple of sweet potatoes into small cubes:

Pro tip: Put the Sweet potato into the tray before putting it into the oven. Less messy.

Then roast it. Roast it thoroughly. I mean it; bring on the sweet potato insults…go crazy till it’s just steaming with anger. Here are a couple of examples: You’re so short, you don’t even reach the surface! Your tan is so fake, oranges think you’re one of them.

Alternatively, lay it on a baking tray over baking paper, drizzle with olive oil, and bake for about an hour, till it looks like this:

You’re so dry, you’re a fry

And then put it in a bowl and toss with cumin and salt to taste:

You’re completely brainless

While this is roasting, you can have fun with the chicken.

Unlike potatoes, chicken breasts are a little more resilient, a little less sensitive. So – just in advance warning, you might have to resort to a little physical violence. People sometimes use hammers and meat tenderizers and the like, but you may simply use your fists to flatten it out:

Flat Chicken

Then garlic paste it. And salt and pepper it.

Then what apparently is supposed to happen is: shallow fry it on medium on both sides just for a few seconds to get the edges a bit brown. Then cover and cook on low heat for about 10 minutes, then turn off heat and leave covered for another ten minutes till it’s just right.

So…um…you guys go ahead and do that, okay?

I…did something else.

But anyway, it ended alright, because this was the end result… pretty enough for me…


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