Aduku Roti

Alright, Fizzles, tuck in your (ironed) shirts, polish your shoes, prepare 10 cups of Dilmah milk tea (don’t forget the saucers), watch the 1996 cricket world cup on repeat, be very late to every appointment, and make sure you’re stocked up on kothamalli … because it’s SRI LANKAN RECIPE TIME!

This one’s a personal favorite of mine. However, I did adjust following concerns over excessive use of butter. Many festive Sri lankan recipes view health as the enemy. Anyway, this is like a GIANT pancake layered dumpling. I hold in my hand THE ONE DUMPLING TO RULE THEM ALL because it has LAYERS. Pancake layers!

There are three elements to this: the filling, the pancake/crêpe, and the pastry.

Pastry: Now the first time I made this, I followed a recipe. It was basically butter with a bit of flour. So this time, I used my own recipe…about 2 cups flour, a bit of sugar and salt, 1/2 a cup water and a couple tablespoons butter (I could have put even less butter). Knead it, then cover and leave to rest while you go do other things.

The filling can be whatever you want. Just cook something up…that tastes good to you. I used grated carrots, onion, and a can of tuna because that’s what MamaFizzle used to do. And I always sometimes want to do what MamaFizzle used to do.

MamaFizzle’s recipe

Pancake/Crêpe. A couple of eggs, a cup of flour, salt, and milk/water till its the right consistency…

(I cheated and made Mr. Kizzle make these. That’s why they’re perfectly circular)

Then roll, roll, roll out that pastry till it becomes a giant pancake. That you can put in a pan like this:


As you can see, layer with a crêpe, then filling, then crêpe, then…you get the idea. Finish with a crêpe, then seal it with the dough. Remove excess dough, and make little dumplings with it. Why not, right?

Cook the giant dumpling on the pan on both sides to crisp it up, but you’ll have to put the whole thing in the oven to cook it through.

My pretties

You CAN leave it to cool and freeze it so you have an easy meal at a later date. (like this)


But eventually, you eat it like a cake:


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