Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookies

It has been a grand total of 18 days since I last made cookies, so here we are. Cookies.

South Africa thought it would be funny to get 2 wickets while I was in the kitchen so these cookies have been tainted with mild resentment. Although in better news, my productive nap (one of my genius ideas explained here) was a total success since I woke up exactly in time for a run-out, then promptly went back to sleep in preparation for session 3. Although, this was more due to Mama Fizzle’s impeccable timing at poking me to test my state of consciousness.

South Africa may not be doing too well but we can at least celebrate a very brown centurion in the Aussie team. (Mama Fizzle got confused about which teams were playing again. She assumed India.)

And so I made cookies. I always try to go for soft and chewy, and I feel like it needs the right balance of flour to nut butter for my perfect cookie. I’ve no idea what that ratio is but (as usual) I achieved this only by accident.

A handful of squished hazelnuts, a smidgen of coconut oil, a smaller smidgen of vanilla, an egg, a couple spoons sugar, some flour, baking powder, and chocolate chips. Ok so I wasn’t really measuring anything. Just add things in till the taste and texture feel right.

Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookies - Yoda GIF

10 mins at 175 C and they were suspiciously white but very much complete in their baking process. I had to readjust my entire worldview to accept that these cookies really were amazing.

Chocolate Chip Hazelnut Cookies 2

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