Nutella-ish Pudding

Ah Nutella.

It wasn’t so long ago that I resolved a lengthy conflict with an old friend, and shared my tale of heartbreak and happy endings. Nutella has since rejoined me in my quest to rule the galaxy like:

Nutella-ish Pudding - Star Wars GIF

Now today I wasn’t actually thinking of Nutella. I just wanted food. These days I’m generally too lazy to remember how things are supposed to be done, and so my food philosophy is currently to 100% improvise.

So I found some hazelnuts in the fridge and decided I was going to turn it into pudding. I didn’t know how. Just that it was going to be pudding. So I blended a couple spoonfuls and put in some sugar and put in some milk and put in some melted dark chocolate and then poof. Something about it seemed familiar…

I realised this was basically Nutella because anything with hazelnuts and chocolate is basically Nutella, so I brainstormed for something I could add that would kaboom it out of being like nutella. Cream cheese.

And it actually worked. I got something wonderfully Nutella-ish that didn’t count as Nutella. Happy me.

And purely for the purpose of getting a photo that didn’t just look like a chocolate blob, I put a strawberry on top.

And then I ate a slice, and it was beautiful. So then this happened:

Nutella-ish Pudding - Chocolate Blob with many Strawberries

ALSO, and more importantly, look what else I made today:

Nutella-ish Pudding - Balloon Sword

One learns many things as a newbie teacher but making a balloon sword was definitely an unexpected bonus. I want to say the kids were more excited about this than me but honestly I don’t know. Also apparently it’s much less weird for them to walk around in public with it than me.

I made sure mine was red so it would match my lightsaber.

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