Sri Lankan Watalappan

NAMO NAMo NAmo Namo…*

Y’all know how it goes.

So under Mama Fizzle’s guiding gaze I have taken one step further in my Sri Lankan education and behold:

Sri Lankan Watalappan

Watalappan. Try it, it’s fun to say.

Coconut and kaju, there’s really every reason for me to not like this but of course, it must be my inner-brownness steering me through life.

So here is what to do for 2 medium sized containers (sorry for the lack of specifics, I am not going to measure our watalappan box because I am a lazy person.)

  • Put 300 g coconut sugar/juggary on the stove with a lil’ bit of water to stop it from burning.
  • When that’s mostly dissolved, add 400 g coconut milk
  • In a separate bowl, powder some cardamom and beat in 8 eggs.
  • Mix in vanilla and a splash of nutmeg to the eggs.
  • Combine everything without accidentally cooking the egg.
  • Sprinkle some kaju over
  • And steam away in the rice cooker that everyone should have. We Fizzles like our rice cookers.

Btw the proportions have been adjusted for non-brown people to be able to handle the sweetness. Mama Fizzle’s instructions were actually 50 g of jaggery for every egg. Which is why this didn’t turn out as brown (I mean this in the literal sense of the colour brown with no racial connotations) as it would usually be. Also watalappan can be baked instead of steamed but apparently this leads to a less authentic version. Perfectly acceptable. But less brown points. You know what brown I mean.

Speaking of colours. Mama Fizzle keeps getting confused about whether England or India are the bowling team. 😂

*Our beautiful Sri Lankan anthem comprises mostly of this word repeated over and over and over again. Did I mention it’s a beautiful anthem?

EDIT: Mama Fizzle is offended by my sarcasm regarding Sri Lanka’s anthem, based solely on the success of “my generation’s” song ‘Baby’ not so long ago, and the best part was I got a mini rendition of it. 😂😂😂

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