Egg Muffins

In the House of Fizzle we call them Moo-ffins. Ok, only I call them that. But there is a very logical reason for why I do this: it sounds funny.

Moo-ffins are renowned as good breakfast foods. Eggs are also renowned as good breakfast foods. Match made in heaven don’t you think?

So this is one of those non-recipe recipes. You can come up with the ingredients yourself. It should really include egg though.

And maybe capsicum, tomato, onions, garlic, other vegetables/vegtable-y non-vegetables that people eat. Some salt, pepper, random sauces/pastes/flavourings/spices. Basically lots of things that you like. Mixed with egg. And put in a muffin tin.

It should bake in 20 mins at 175 C. I advise you to top it off with cheese (AND BASIL – we like basil) about half way through. I say this a lot but I like my cheese nice and browned, like me. But I accidentally put it in too soon so it sunk. Also I was too hungry to wait.

I watched some cricket while I ate though so my meal had sufficient levels of browness. I am also now obliged to support England because the brown power is too much to ignore. It’s conflicting but I’m as happy about it as cheese can make me. In fact, this might be better than cheese.

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SFizzle’s Advice is as Brilliant as she is.

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