Strawberry Sorbet

Today, I share with you a ‘recipe’ that is in my mind, incomparable

As you can probably tell by our ice cream experiments (Avocado Kiwi Ice Cream, Counterfeit Ice Cream, and Cookies and Cream Ice Cream), and my freezing food bananza, (Frozen Cubes series featuring: tomato paste, avocado, and curry paste) I love the freezer.

Like this:


Or this:

giphy (1).gif

And my love for strawberries knows no bounds.

And who doesn’t love sugar?

So, no fancy shmancy recipe, I’m afraid. Just strawberries and sugar, quantities adjusted to taste (depending on ripeness of strawberries) blended, then frozen.

Freezing process: Just pop in after two hours, give it a stir, then every half an hour, so you don’t end up with a lump of strawberry ice cube.

Then when you serve, let it melt a bit before consumption.

Then this happens

Strawberry Sorbet 2

Oooooh Ya.

Go forth, and eat.

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