Brownie Bites

It’s my off day. I have one off day. It comes around every 7 days. So I guess that means I have many off days, that simply accumulate over a larger period of time that comprises multiple days. I like off-days because it means I can do work without feeling like I have to do work. It’s great.

So these are cookies, that feel like brownies. And they just sort of happened (amidst the glorious backdrop that has been the latest test match).

The key to making yummy food is to only include ingredients that you like. Then how wrong can it go?

I currently have a stack of my frequently celebrated 100% cacao chocolate bars – as generously procured by Mama Fizzle despite her growing concerns over my preference for dark chocolatey goodness. And so I decided to brainstorm ideas of how to utilise them to optimum happy-food levels. My first idea was cookies. So that ended my brainstorming session.

With absolutely no professional reassurance and a trial and error standing of exactly One, here we go:

  • On low heat, melt 4tbs butter with 40 g of truly precious dark chocolate. If your chocolate percentage levels are below 100% simply adjust to taste. Trust no recipe over your own tastebuds.
  • Mix in ½ cup of (coconut) sugar
  • Beat 1 egg then add the chocolate and 1tsp vanilla
  • Mix in dry ingredients: ¼ cup flour, ¼ tsp baking powder and salt
  • I initially thought to add chocolate chips but I forgot. They work just fine without chocolate chips. But of course, do as you please.

At this point it will look like brownie batter. Not cookie batter. In fact, it really wasn’t cookie batter. But I made cookies anyway (because I’m such a rebel). If you make them small and cutesy then 6 minutes at 175 C should do the trick. But like all cookie situations, one must wait and watch. It won’t take more than a couple of overs.

These cookies are also to distract me from the knowledge that I will be at work tomorrow when South Africa wins. My previous excitement about being in the same time zone as them has withered. I don’t like this at all.

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