Frozen Cubes: Avocado

The Ice cube chronicles, part 2..

I explained in ‘part one’, the tomato paste version, my discoveries of the freezer and my exploration of what it is truly capable of.

You know avocados? They’re beautiful things that make pretty pretty foods, with awesome texture. You can make Ice cream, Strawberry Mousse, Chocolate Mousse, brownies, sandwiches… Basically, Avocados are awesome.

What’s not awesome is having to throw them away! This happened once.


And you have no idea how much I fought it when I realized I had waited too long to cut into the precious avocado. It was brown- dark brown.

I was still googling and trying to make excuses to try and make it salvageable…but alas, it wasn’t to be.

I had to accept the truth.

It was too late.

But never again! I said to myself.

Never again!

Within the window of opportunity of ripe avocado, you can seize the moment, and do this:


Then this:


Then this:


Then wait, till you can do this (or that):

OK, so the De-freezing part is not as simple for this one. Do not microwave. It tasted really odd, for me when I did that. Just put it in the fridge the night before and let it defrost, then use it in whatever recipe you wish to use it in. Unfortunately, the texture is not quite as perfect and creamy as a fresh avocado. It’s a bit icy, but only a little. It’s 95% perfect, actually, but I felt the need to inform you if you expected 100% perfection.

Voila. This solves two problems. 1. You always have avocado available. 2. You can buy in bulk and not worry about them going off, because you will SEIZE THE MOMENT.


I made lovely Avocado Banana Ice Cream with this particular batch:

Avocado Banana Honey Ice Cream

Creamy Goodness. Yum

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