Chuti Chocolate Cheesecake

Note: Chuti = Small (in the Motherland)

There’s nothing quite like a Midnight snack at 10pm in preparation for a Midnight movie at 11pm, don’t you think?

Due to it being Midnight and all, best if the snack is teensy and easily preppable.

And so with a spoonful of melted dark chocolate, a spoonful of cream cheese, a spoonful of honey, and much less than a spoonful of vanilla, you shall have cheesecake without the cheese or cake. Or the cheesecake. Because it’s not finished yet. A quick base is produced with a spoonful of butter and a few crushed biscuity biscuits. Some masterful layering and voila, cheesecake.

Chuti Chocolate Cheesecake - Layers

As you consume your lovely Midnight snack, feel free to indulge in some deep contemplation. There are many things one could contemplate while eating.

For example, Spiderman.

One of my 3 year olds summoned me over to him as he sat eating at snack time (which was not at Midnight or 10pm).


“Teacher, Spiderman can help you.”




I had to ask.

“Um…what can Spiderman help me do?”

“Spiderman can help you…if you get lost…will bring you to Mummy.”



So, how exactly does one tread the line between not crushing a child’s imagination/bizzare optimism and not blatantly lying to them about something as important as ‘what to do when you get lost’. ‘Wait for Spiderman’ just doesn’t seem like the practical thing to encourage.

With the evasion tactics of a ninja, I instead inquired as to whether Spiderman had ever helped him, and he answered that he was only ever at home and had never been lost. But reconfirmed that of course if he ever did get lost, Spiderman would help him. And me apparently.

So that’s great.

Makes a lot of sense. I don’t see why Spiderman wouldn’t help lost teachers find their mothers.

There’s something to contemplate over your Midnight snack.

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