Frozen Cubes: Tomato Paste

I need to tell you something.

Something that might just alter the fabric of time and space.

There’s this thing we have in the depths of our Kitchen. It is a magical place. You open the door, and it leads you to a frozen land where time is altered, and keeps things young and fresh.

I speak, of course, of Narnia.


Sorry, I mean the freezer.

Bought ingredients that will go stale if you don’t over-eat?


Want to have easily available ingredients that usually take forever to make?


Want an easy meal that you can just defrost instead of spending hours to make?


So anyway, I am attempting to make use of this wonderful invention and see what uses I can get out of it to make things take less time and effort.

I like it when things I like take less time and effort.

First, look at this innocuous little invention:


It’s supposed to give you frozen water. Now, I’m all for having little ice cubes to make your drink a bit cooler. But no, hidden beneath this innocuous purpose is something far greater…something…that makes things easier.

In honor of this discovery, I am starting a series about cubes:

Frozen Cubes.

My first array into frozen cubed things was when I found myself with a gigantic can of tomato paste, when cooking for just two.

Um, how much tomato paste can one eat without turning oneself INTO a tomato?

I didn’t want to find out.

So I looked online and found, you can just freeze it! BUT sticking the whole thing into the freezer would no doubt later cause some trouble later, when it’s time to break it up into the amount you want…


So, put it into Ice cube trays, then put them into a container of your choice. Or a ziplock bag.3a07ca1c-5110-4e6f-a0eb-b1899ebcf994


Then, later, plop ‘em into anything you want. You can defrost them, then use them, or if you’re in a hurry, just defrost by putting them straight into whatever you’re making with heat, or even microwave it before using.

Easy peazy.

Look what I made with these:


Lasagna! Mmmmh…

9 thoughts on “Frozen Cubes: Tomato Paste

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  1. Curious! what’s the little person in the picture trying to do?
    Great idea! What other things can be useful frozen in small quantities like that? Anyone?

    Liked by 1 person

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