Chicken Tikka

There’s something about food on sticks.

The sticks really aren’t necessary, but they’re exciting.

Speaking of exciting things, I’m very easily excited by all things cricket. (In case you haven’t noticed) And I don’t like being mocked for it. So I’m grumpy at the Sister Down Under (yeah I’m looking at you aloo head) for the lack of empathetic excitement. I wanted empathetic excitement. I did not get empathetic excitement.

You see, the Australia v South Africa test series is in only 2 days. And what’s more dramatic, at this very moment they’re both in Perth. Which means, Hashim Amla and co. are currently in the same country as SFizzle AND in the same time zone as Me! At the same time.


FYI sister, Papa Fizzle was kind enough to humour me.

Back to food sticks, they really aren’t important but it is crucial that we pretend they are, at least to them. You know, build their self-confidence, make them feel vital to the whole food production and consumption process. I mean, it just seems like the nice thing to do.

I needed sticks. Skewers actually. Turns out, I didn’t have any skewers. So I turned to my not empathetically-excited Sister. Toothpicks she said. And so toothpicks were summoned.

I’m probably not Indian enough to have made this properly but basically I marinated some chicken and capsicums in yoghurt and spices and baked them on sticks. I hear that’s essentially how it’s done.

I didn’t actually put them all on sticks, the sticks were for the photo and for thrill points at dinner. It was quite thrilling.

You can also just put everything in an oven tray.

So this was really just baked chicken and capsicum. Yum.


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