Salmon and Mushroom Quiche

After many a day of consuming large amounts of cereal and scrambled egg and eating out, I finally felt bad enough about my eating habits to cook. So the next day I went off to the store and bought raspberries (rasp-berries?!!).

These were critical in the process of snacking while I made Quiche.

It all started with the dough:

  • 250g of Flour
  • 125g of Butter
  • 2 Egg Yolks
  • 0.5 Teaspoons of Salt
  • ~4 Tablespoons of Milk

Usually recipes tell you to mix the flour in cold butter; but when your kitchen is badly insulated, and it’s winter, I find it much easier to just melt the butter, mix all the ingredients in till it made a satisfactory dough ball, and then put in the fridge while I did the filling.

Here is my satisfactory dough ball:


(Also raspberries and the 3 Eggs + 2 Egg-whites I used for filling. I did not use the raspberries for filling.)


  • 200g of Mushrooms
  • 200g of Spinach

Just cook these a bit and salt them:



More filling:

  • 200g of Salmon
  • Chives (I forgot how much)

I didn’t cook these, just chopped up the chives and mixed them into the salmon. To my shame, I will admit that I used canned salmon. I also didn’t bother to chop up the chives very well. The reason I used chives is because I find them as good as onions, minus the onion texture (which I don’t like in quiche).


Filling no.3:

  • 3 Eggs + 2 Egg-whites
  • 100g of Yoghurt
  • Some salt (to taste)

The actual liquid filling. Conventional recipes generally tell you to use egg and crème fraîche, but I’ve only ever used yoghurt. It’s been a long standing healthy-substitute for crème fraîche, it’s not as rich but it works fine and tastes good.


(Yes I dusted off the chives I had on my hands into the mix. Also sadly the raspberries had disappeared.)

Sooo once that’s all done you just spread the dough out, like so:


So just, preheat the oven to 180°C, plonk all the filling in, and then top it off with 100g of Mozzarella. Then don’t forget to put the quiche in the oven. Recipes usually say 20 minutes, but I just let it keep going until the cheese starts to brown, which is usually 30 minutes.


Final product + the side of oven mitts that actually work *cough* koala mitts *cough*.

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