Hazelnut Cream

I’m phlegmy. Just putting that out there. So everyone knows.

Chill, that’s not why the food is green. Though that would be funny.

So speaking of phlegm, here is how to be productive while being sick:


Also, watch a movie. Or several.

Both these acts will accelerate the recovery process, and thus minimize negative impacts of your sickness on overall productivity levels. Therefore they are themselves productive because they serve a functional and favourable purpose. In reminding yourself of the necessity of such actions, you will not only pursue them and get better faster, but you will also have a semi-decent time being sick.

Also, enjoy your fever while it lasts. The convincing illusion of cold weather is not one to pass up in these tropical lands.

When you’re feeling better, go back to the kitchen. I know you’ve missed it.

My poor avocados have been waiting for me to find the time for more experimentation.

SFizzle suggested ice cream. But the question was, what kind of ice cream?

The hazelnuts called to me.

I dig some googling and apparently hazelnut ice cream requires hazelnut milk.

Question: What is hazelnut milk??

Answer: Hazelnuts smushed so well into water it looks like milk.

Yep, this is a thing. It required 8 hours of soaking so logically, I left it for 2 days…

And then you just smush it with water. Say some magic words. Then, Milk happens.

Now I found all sorts of recipes but I took the easy way out by just using my noodle instead.

  • ¼ cup soaked hazelnuts turned into milk with ½ cup water
  • 1 avocado
  • ¼ cup coconut sugar
  • Add some cocoa powder (to taste) if you want a chocolate version.

I discovered this isn’t real ice cream. It’s better if you keep it in the fridge. So I’m calling it cream for the purposes of this blog, but I prefer to think of it as sludge. It feels more accurate and just has a better ring to it. Sludge.

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