Dips, Dips, Dips!

I think I’ve discovered a new way of life:


It all started when I needed to make a quick meal, and I knew we had bread. And sour cream.

Hence, a Honey Mustard DipMustard sauce, Honey, Sour Cream (or yogurt), fry (well) some onion for flavour with my epic garlic paste and salt!

Mr. Skeptical-pants Kizzle was giving some pretty epic side-eye at the honey part. (“You’re putting honey in there?”) I guess he didn’t know that honey mustard is an industry.

It’s Ok. That’s all fixed. He’s making excellent progress at realizing I’m right.

So I rubbed my hands together in a scheming villain-like move, possibly with the evil grin. Capsicum. I thought to myself. We have capsicum.

Capsicum Dip: I sauteed capsicum on a non stick pan, almost roasting it with very little oil. Added some chili powder, ground coriander, salt, garlic paste. Then blended it. Isn’t that right, my useful little chutney maker? (It calls itself that, OK)

It turned out pretty good to me, rather than amazing, but i’m trying to expand my dip recipe collection…

Then I was on a roll. Steamed vegetables. I thought. That would go well with the dips. And you know what steamed vegetables go with? Soy sauce and vinegar! How do I make it creamy? Add butter, of course!

That went… less well. I’ll probably use that unfortunate concoction to flavour something else I’ll make. Lesson learned. Experiments do not have a 100% success rate…

(I still took photos of it for purely superficial aesthetic purposes- see main photo. If you, like AFizzle, is offended by the vegetables, ignore them)

But anyway, it’s all very inspiring. Dips are basically the experiment with tastes part of cooking.

It’s like a power rush over the domain of flavours and textures. You guys should try it. I highly recommend it.

Also, check out my new friend. He stole my left flipflop*.


It’s OK. I got it back.

*I may be down under, but I refuse to call them thongs.

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