Banana Cinnamon Mug Cake

There was once a beautiful balcony, with a beautiful view, in a beautiful house. So much beauty. What could have been more enticing than the thought of entering such a place? Like you, there was one who responded, ‘Why nothing of course. I must immediately set forth into this beautiful balcony.’ And so she did. With all the enthusiasm of an almost-3 year old, she hastened, charging across the room in which its entrance lay – inviting her, calling out her name as she envisioned all its wonders. She ran.

And with all the force of a delighted toddler,

she smashed head first into an evil glass door.

17 years later and I can still feel the sting of the deception. Glass. Whose idea was that?

This was hardly the first incident of its kind. And definitely not the last. Aside from other unpleasant glass encounters, over the years my head has had to bear the relentless negligence of the rest of my body in considering when to be first to make contact with surrounding objects; instead, leaving my unsuspecting head to abruptly acquaint itself with many hard surfaces.

For example, at this very moment, my face hurts. Well, half my face to be precise. The entire half that was exposed to a wall as I turned and smashed into it. Also the half that is now smeared with butter.

Not unlike previous incidents, it was my blinding appreciation for beauty that resulted in my hasty and painful encounter with a wall.

My banana cinnamon mug cake had risen beautifully out of the mug and I rushed to capture the image for all you lovely people. There is no picture. I hit my face instead.

But let’s talk cake.

  • 1 mashed banana and 1 egg and 1 tbs butter
  • 3 tbs flour and some baking powder and cinnamon
  • And this will need at least 3 mins in the microwave on high I think – but I did it a bit intermittently which slows it down
Banana Cinnamon Mug Cake - Cinnamon
The appropriate flour to cinnamon ratio

Also you might as well go for an improvised icing.

  • A little bit of butter, with some cream cheese and 1 tsp of condensed milk. Icing complete.

P.S. I feel I must defend my limited adjectival range today by reiterating the fact that I hit my head.

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